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I’m a passionate explorer committed to sharing my love for adventure and discovery with you. Thank you for stopping by! Here, I aim to inspire and empower fellow travelers like yourself with insider tips and unforgettable experiences. Curious about my journey? Keep reading to delve into the adventure!

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Hey there, I’m Melanie.

I’m guessing you found my website because you are looking for some outdoor inspiration to plan a trip and would like an amazing experience to remember forever.

  • I started my travel journey doing solo traveling where I was able to explore vast landscapes, adventurous destinations and make friends for life.
  • In return I learned about myself and developed qualities where I learned to appreciate the things around me, myself and in the process, grow.
  • I once had someone tell me that they were so inspired by me because of what I have done, where I have been and that I was “brave”.
  • I never thought traveling would make me brave and inspiring.

As time progressed, some of these trips changed to include my dog and recently I now have a partner to join me on my travels.

I find joy in all my trips, whether it is a volunteering holiday, hiking with my dog, weekend getaway, exploring a national park or an outdoor focused trip, I’m sure that you will find something that sparks your interest.

Roaming the Rockies: A Canadian’s Odyssey from Hiking Trails to Global Adventures

I was born in Canada and spent most of my life growing up close to the Canadian Rockies. I have a huge passion for hiking, nature, birdwatching, wildlife, volunteering, dogs and of course travel. You will see these things sprinkled throughout my posts.

In my thirties, my travel passion took off when I took my first big solo trip to Costa Rica. After that I was hooked! It took me a few years to start writing a personal blog about my travels and since then I volunteered in China and Thailand, and took vacations in places including Sri Lanka, Peru, Argentina, South Africa, and Tanzania. I have also visited many places throughout North America and love sharing the things I saw and experienced.

I am all about anything outdoors and experiencing the world. There are so many places to visit and not even time.

I spend an enormous amount of time researching and planning my trips. I would love to help you plan a vacation and ensure you have an amazing experience. Whether I have been there or not, I will work with you to develop an itinerary that is everything you want.

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One day, I hope to visit


Alaska About

Next vacation is

In The Mountains

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Favorite Animal

African Wild Dogs

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Favorite flavor of ice cream

Cookies n’ Cream

Lucy About

Lucy, Manager of People & Culture

Lucy is the newest member of the team, and her positive attitude never fails to lift the mood of everyone she meets!

It does not take long to see that what Lucy lacks in writing credentials, she more than makes up for with her exceptional people skills. Her sunny disposition and unrelenting tenacity combine to always deliver the results she’s after, especially if she is after treats.

Lucy was born in Mexico in 2013 and came to Canada to live and work in 2014. She likes to spend her weekends hiking, relaxing and loves when she gets to go on travel adventures with her favorite people. Her favourite food is the danish on the table.