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Travel planning can be time-consuming, with the average person spending 15-30 hours on it. But why stress over research and logistics? Let me handle it! Your dream vacation is just a consultation away.

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Melanie Seneviratne

Why Choose Me As Your Travel Planning Consultant

Embark on a journey tailored just for you, guided by my passion for exploration and meticulous planning. Let’s craft unforgettable memories together, reflecting your unique style and wanderlust. Your dream adventure awaits – let’s make it a reality!

Extensive Travel Experience

I’ve traveled extensively for over 12 years, curating both solo adventures and personalized trips for others. With a focus on outdoor exploration, wildlife encounters, and birdwatching, my experience ensures your journey will be memorable and tailored to your interests.

Passionate Planning Expertise

With a background in certified wedding planning, I bring a passion for meticulous organization to every travel project. I thrive on crafting custom itineraries that align with your style and preferences, whether you seek adventure, serenity, or city exploration.

Personalized Travel Solutions

Working closely with you, I’ll design a personalized travel plan that reflects your unique interests and goals. From adrenaline-fueled adventures to tranquil nature escapes to vibrant urban weekends, your dream vacation awaits, meticulously planned and perfectly tailored.

Destinations I Can Help With

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Tanzania
  • South Africa
  • Argentina
  • Peru
  • And more!

Most of my trips have focused around easy outdoor activities including hiking, birdwatching, safaris and exploring natural places.

If I don’t know the location very well, we can discuss whether you want me to still help you or not.

There are many other locations I have been to and I have planned many trips without issues, to places I have never been before. I am confident I can help you.

Don’t just take my words

What My Customers Say

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Melanie took all the stress, time and hassle out of planning a very special trip for me and my family of four to Italy.

I was hesitant about using vacation rentals and didn’t want to spend the time planning train schedules among our four destinations during the 17 days.

Giving Melanie my priorities and preferences, she made it simple for me to choose options, explained and babysat me through the whole process with reminders and updates as they occurred.

Melanie’s knowledge, organizational and research skills around travel are outstanding and I’d recommend her to anyone.
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
You only get so many vacations per year. You want to enjoy every one of them. Having personally experienced a trip designed by Melanie I can say without hesitation that she designs fantastic trips.

Have you ever wanted to go to Wyoming (other than to visit Yellowstone National Park)? I didn’t.Until I went on my latest trip designed by Melanie. 

There was so much great food, friendly people, stunning views of and from the mountains, not to mention all the wildlife enjoyed along the way. If you think Wyoming is just Yellowstone – think again.

Let Melanie design a trip there, or anywhere else, for you. I believe you won’t be – can’t be – disappointed!

How It Works

Step 1


  • You fill out the trip planning form.
  • We discuss what you want with your trip.
  • We agree on a plan. You pay.

Step 2


  • I start planning your trip.
  • We will be in contact a lot during this stage.
  • I provide you with a finalized custom travel itinerary.

Step 3


  • Your accommodations and activities are ready to be booked.
  • You will receive your suggested itinerary with links to book your dream vacation.

Your Finalized Custom Travel Plan Includes

  • 2-3 accommodation options
  • Daily itinerary
  • Recommendations and suggestions
  • Directions (as required)
  • Links to book accommodations, activities, and tours
  • Packing checklist(s)


Accommodation Assistance

Starting at


If you only want me to help you find accommodations, then I can help with just that.

Package includes:

  • Assistance in finding suitable accommodations for your trip

The Activity Arrangement

Starting at


You want help to find some specific activities for your trip like birdwatching, tours, hikes, safari or jungle excursion.

Package includes:

  • Help in arranging specific activities such as birdwatching, tours, hikes, safaris, or jungle excursions.

Customized Travel Itinerary

Starting at

$49/ per day

Price varies based on travelers, destinations, trip complexity, and additional activities. Discounts possible.

Package includes:

  • Tailored travel itinerary creation.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t let the complexities of trip planning hold you back. Let me help you plan your next outdoor adventure. Contact us now to take the first step toward your dream vacation.


My goal is to find you the best deals that are what you are looking for in your vacation. A customized itinerary that is created and based on your interests, styles and wants. I share my experience and knowledge with you. I want you to be happy with having a personal input into planning your trip.

First you fill out the client travel questionnaire. Then we have a consultation either over the phone or via video conferencing. My goal is to get to know you, what your style is, what you want out of your trip and any other things you want me to know, to plan your perfect trip.

Once we agree on the requirements, then you will sign an agreement and pay the planning fee. I will ask you a lot of questions! I will then provide you with a finalized itinerary, including links to book.

Your itinerary will include the links for you to book accommodations, tours, activities etc. 

Flights are best to be booked by you, but I can provide tips and recommendations for those bookings. Depending on your departing country, the pricing and options may vary from where I am located.

Once we finalize an agreement on the services I will be providing, I will send you an agreement to sign and an invoice. You can pay the full amount by PayPal, Payoneer, or E-transfer (if in Canada).

All payments are final. However, if something happens during the planning stages, then I will refund you a prorated amount.

Totally doable! I can offer itineraries by day so you only pay for what you need.

This would be dependent on the complexity of your trip, requirements and notice on planning. My goal is to have your itinerary to you within two weeks, but that is subject to changes that may occur during the planning of the trip.

I am always available via email and/or texting to assist if I can.

I provide custom travel planning based on my knowledge of many destinations. The goal of the trip is to give you all the information and the tools you need to have the best trip possible.

However, I cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen circumstances that may affect your trip. I assume no legal responsibility or liability for anything that happens on your trip.

Contact Us To Start Planning Your Travel Experience:

Excited to start planning your dream vacation? Whether you’re longing for a serene nature retreat or an adrenaline-filled adventure, I’m here to make it happen. Reach out today to begin the journey towards your personalized travel experience. Simply fill out the contact form, and I will be in touch promptly.

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