Things to do in Fort Myers for Couples

Your Guide to the Top Things to Do in Fort Myers for Couples

Sanibel Island

Located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, Fort Myers is a hidden gem for couples seeking a getaway. If you’re not familiar with it, it is located south of Tampa and north of the Florida Keys. In this guide, we’ll delve into the top things to do in Fort Myers for couples, from exploring the serene shores of Lovers Key to sipping cocktails at Wicked Dolphin Distillery.

You will also find my recommendations for the best restaurants in the area. Fort Myers has it all for couples in search of the perfect retreat, including visits to neighboring areas of Cape Coral and Sanibel Island.

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Map of the Area

Fort Myers Map

Top Things to Do in Fort Myers For Couples

Lovers Key State Park

Lovers Key State Park is one of the most wonderful spots for couples to visit when spending time in Fort Myers. It’s 710 acres of paradise! It spans four barrier islands and features a whole lot of wildlife! 

The entrance fee into the park is $8 per vehicle or $4 for motorcycles. The beach is about a 10-minute walk from the parking area, but a tram is also available for those who would rather ride or have mobility challenges. 

Couples will enjoy the lovely beaches for sunny rest, relaxation, swimming, and shelling. Those who are looking for more of an adventure can explore the park’s canals in a kayak or on a paddleboard, both of which can be rented from the park. You might even run into some dolphins or manatees along the way! The Black Island Trail is perfect for hiking or biking too! 

Couples could spend upwards of half a day to a day here. There’s plenty to do; the time spent will just depend on how much each visitor enjoys the outdoors. Enjoy your time at Lovers Key State Park!

Lovers Key Recommended by Candice @ CSGinger

Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery

Indulge in a bit of liquid romance at the Wicked Dolphin. This craft distillery offers free guided tours that take you through the art of rum-making, from the fermentation process to the final bottling. Using 100% Florida sugar and local ingredients, their rum is handcrafted in small batches using an American copper pot, the largest in South Florida. 

You’ll have the chance to taste some of their award-winning rums and signature cocktails. Make sure to visit their tasting room, where you can purchase a bottle of your favorite rum as a memento of your trip. My favorite was the key lime rum!

Wicked Dolphin Distillery

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Explore the rich history and lush gardens of the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. This fascinating attraction offers a glimpse into the lives of two American innovators, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Stroll through the botanical gardens and visit the historic homes of these famous men. 

Self Guided tours are available for free through their app and website, which provides insights into their lives and inventions. The serene and picturesque setting makes it an ideal spot for a romantic walk and a great opportunity for couples to learn something new together. Plan to spend at least 90 minutes here to truly see the site.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

6 Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is a 3,500-acre wetland oasis, home to a rich diversity of wildlife, including alligators and various bird species. Visitors can explore this unique ecosystem via a 1.2-mile boardwalk, which offers a close-up view of the area’s natural beauty. The preserve features interpretive signage for an educational experience, and guided walks are available. 

It’s an ideal spot for nature lovers, photographers, and anyone seeking a peaceful escape into nature. It is free to visit, but donations are accepted to support the preserve. If you are interested in learning about birdwatching or photography, this is a great place to venture and enjoy the serene environment.

6 Mile Cyrpress Slough

Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is known as one of the best beaches in America. This vibrant area offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Visitors can bask in the sun, swim, or partake in various water sports such as parasailingjet skiing, and paddleboarding. The beach is also famous for its stunning sunsets, which can be enjoyed from many waterfront restaurants and bars or from the Fort Myers fishing pier off Estero Blvd.

Fort Myers Beach sunset

For those interested in exploring, the town features charming shops, seafood eateries, and lively entertainment options. I highly recommend visiting Nervous Nellies for their amazing food. The key lime martini was very refreshing and the key lime pie was amazing and by far the best key lime pie in the Fort Myers area. 

Nervous Nellies - Best Key Lime Pie in Fort Myers

You may even get a cool visitor when you are enjoying your meal!

Snowy Egret Visitor @ Nervous Nellies

Downtown Fort Myers

Often referred to as the River District, downtown Fort Myers is a blend of historic charm and modern vibrancy. This picturesque area, lined with cobblestone streets, is home to iconic buildings like the Edison Theatre and the historic Post Office.

Visitors can explore a variety of art galleries, boutiques, and eateries housed in beautifully restored buildings that echo the city’s rich history. If you want to learn about the history, you can partake in this Historic Walking Tour.

This area is also known for its lively events, including art walks and music festivals. The best thing to do in Downtown Fort Myers is to stroll along the riverfront, enjoy the eclectic mix of shops and restaurants, and soak in the historic ambiance that this charming district offers. Whether it’s day or night, the downtown area buzzes with energy and offers an experience that uniquely blends the past and present.

Edison Theatre

Cape Coral

Just across the Caloosahatchee River from Fort Myers lies Cape Coral, another fantastic destination for couples. It is renowned for its waterways and natural beauty. With over 400 miles of navigable waterways, it holds the title of having more canals than any other city in the world. Explore the city’s extensive canal system by renting a kayak or paddleboard

Cape Coral Canals

Cape Coral is also home to several picturesque parks and gardens, perfect for a leisurely picnic or a romantic stroll. Don’t miss the opportunity to dine at one of the many restaurants in Cape Coral, offering fresh seafood and serene views of the Gulf. One of the best seafood restaurants we visited was Lobster Lady Seafood.

Lobster Lady Seafood

We enjoyed one of the top key lime pies I found during my quest for the best key lime pie.

Lobster Lady Seafood Market - Best Key Lime Pie in Fort Myers

Cape Harbour

Cape Harbour is perfect for those looking to enjoy the finer things in life amidst a relaxed coastal setting. Visitors can stroll along the marina, admiring yachts and the serene water views. The area is dotted with upscale shops and boutiques, offering unique shopping experiences.

There are quite a few dining options, ranging from casual waterfront cafes to fine dining restaurants. Cape Harbour is also known for its lively entertainment scene, with frequent live music events and art shows. 

I highly recommend a great restaurant in this area, Fathom’s Restaurant & Bar. The food was fantastic! I highly suggest having one of their famous pizzas.

Fathoms Restaurant Pizza

Search for Local Birds

There are at least 127 birds that can be found in Southwest Florida. You do not have to look very hard to find Burrowing Owls. Just drive around Cape Coral residential areas and I can guarantee you will eventually see them. Look for the ‘white wooden crosses’ that mark where they have burrows. You can see the four in this picture?

Burrowing Owls - Cape Coral

The other elusive bird in this area is the Limpkin. We searched for hours trying to find one but no luck. These birds are known as a nuisance to the local residents due to their loud raucous calls.. Alas, I will have to venture down another time to try to find one.


Sanibel & Captiva Island

While in the Fort Myers area, take a short drive to nearby Sanibel Island, renowned for its shell-covered beaches. There are many things to do on Sanibel Island and this was one of my favorite places to explore.

We spent two full days exploring the island! Collecting seashells is one of the main things this area is known for.  You can also venture out on a boat to a nearby island, like Cabbage Key. For a romantic evening, dine at one of Sanibel’s waterfront restaurants, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and beautiful sunset views.

Sanibel Island

Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge

Explore the things to do at  J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge, home to diverse bird and wildlife species and stunning scenery. From hiking to water activities or just exploring, you can spend a whole day here.

If you are a bird lover, then check out the birds of Ding Darling that you have a chance of seeing. Make sure you plan to take the epic wildlife drive while visiting the Ding Darling and you may see one of these beauties!

Ding Darling Wildlife Drive

Bowman’s Beach

Bowman’s Beach is a pristine and picturesque gem nestled on the enchanting Sanibel Island in Florida. This tranquil beach is renowned for its unspoiled beauty, with miles of powdery white sand stretching along the Gulf of Mexico’s serene waters.

Visitors can explore the lush coastal vegetation, indulge in shelling adventures, and bask in the warm Florida sunshine. We even saw manatees in the river when we were walking over the bridge towards the beach.

With its abundant seashells, opportunities for birdwatching, and a sense of seclusion, Bowman’s Beach offers a peaceful escape for nature enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

Bowmans Beach

Where To Stay

When it comes to accommodations in the Fort Myers area,  you have a range of options to suit your preferences and budget. The best places to stay in this area depend on what you are looking for. The best places to stay in Southwest Florida are:

Fort Myers Beach if you want to be in the heart of the action;

Cape Coral if you’re looking for a truly relaxing experience; or 

Sanibel Island for a tranquil and secluded escape.

A getaway to Fort Myers and its surrounding areas provides the perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and relaxation for couples. There are many things to do in Fort Myers for couples, offering countless opportunities to create cherished memories and connect with nature.

Don’t forget to explore nearby Cape Coral and Sanibel Island for additional adventures, and choose the perfect accommodation to make your stay unforgettable.

If you are looking somewhere else to go in Florida then head to Miami. There are many things for couples to do in Miami including exploring the Riverwalk, enjoying a sunset cruise or indulging in the nightlife amidst Miami’s vibrant and sultry atmosphere.

Roseate Spoonbill flying

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  1. Such a lovely part of FLA.. Cape Coral and Sanibel are just beautiful..key lime pie is a must!

  2. This is my kind of trip – beach views and excellent dining! Thank you for compiled these trip ideas in one post. The quest for key lime pie is REAL!

  3. What a rich variety of experiences. I know of so many friends and acquaintances (snowbirds from Canada) who head to Fort Myers to escape the cold Canadian winter. Now I realize the attraction.

  4. We have sadly missed Fort Myers on our travels. We would certainly love to explore Lovers Key State Park. And hubby would not pass on a rum distillery. Seafood and long stretches of beach would definitely be a draw. Gotta get this on a plan soon.

  5. It looks like there are a lot of great things to do in For Myers for couples. I would love to do a rum tasting at the Wicked Dolphin distillery, but also to check out Cape Coral.

  6. Fort Winter Estates looks lovely…and so many great spots for a good meal to go along with the great weather…

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